Saving Money On Mobile Broadband

Many of us have heard about mobile broadband and thought, I already have broadband at home – why would I pay more for another connection? There are several reasons why it might just be the right kind of broadband for you.

So what exactly is mobile broadband?

Where home broadband uses your telephone landline to run the internet into your home, mobile broadband gets it via the same signal your mobile phone uses. Mobile broadband is sometimes built into devices such as laptops and tablet PCs (such as the iPad), but more commonly you buy a simple USB modem (often called a dongle) or a mobile Wi-Fi unit (which works in just the same way home Wi-Fi does). The advantage of of a dongle or mobile Wi-Fi unit is you can use them to get any PC, laptop or other internet ready device on line when you need them. They are really easy to setup and use too.

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