How A Quick Clear Out Can Help Make Quick Cash

It’s a quick way to fix two big problems. Clearing out the clutter from your home and selling it will provide you with the space you need to be comfortable or redecorate. It will also provide you with extra cash that you can use for other things in your budget. It may seem like an overwhelming task at first, but clearing out becomes much easier once you categorize the items you want to get rid of. If you’re looking for a quick clear out game plan, just keep reading.

Start in the garage or storage area of your home. This is where you’re more likely to find big-ticket items, such as exercise equipment (treadmill or bicycle, anyone?) and furniture that you’re not using.

You should also consider any artwork or antiques that you may have stashed here, since these are the items most likely to start a bidding war when you post them online.

Once you’ve finished with the larger items, head to the common area where you can do the bulk of your clearing out. If you have bookshelves full of novels that you’ve enjoyed more than once, why not resell them to a used bookstore or try to find buyers online? You can use a site like Amazon, which is known for being a place where avid readers can find discounted used versions of the books they want through different sellers.

Another point of focus for the living room or rec room should be all of your old DVDs and CDs. You can back these up on a cloud drive or your computer’s hard drive so that you have digital copies and then sell them to a used entertainment store. If you’re considering selling any consoles, there’s also a site for that online–musicMagpie. Discs and cases can take up a lot of room in your entertainment system, so getting rid of these items alone can make your living area feel more comfortable and less cluttered.

Lastly, don’t forget about clothing. Have every family go through his or her wardrobe to find old items that they no longer want. Less expensive items, such as t-shirts and old pairs of jeans, can be donated to a charity that helps families in need. In exchange, you could get tax credit, which is almost as good a cash. But if you have really expensive clothing, like leather jackets, designer handbags or really nice shoes, you can sell them to a vintage or second-hand store. And if you can’t find a store that’s willing to pay you what you think they are worth, try auctioning them off online.

Once you finish your clear out, you’ll be even more inspired than before to make changes to your home–and you’ll have the money you need to do it.





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