Make Money Online With A Quick Clear Out


Come the third week of January, most people have either resigned their unwanted Christmas presents to the bottom of their sweater draw or found the courage to ask for a receipt before heading to the High Street and happily returning whichever hideous gift it may be. As the time for returns runs out, people may be looking for other ways to clear out their cupboards and make some extra spending money on the side. Selling goods on an online auction site like Ebay is a popular way of getting cash for your unwanted Christmas stash.

You can also make money online with a quick clear out of all of the exercise equipment that you’ll never use. If you have a bike or workout equipment in great condition, the first few months of the year will be the perfect time to fetch a good price for them online. Many people are trying hard to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, and your equipment can help them realize their goals whilst padding your bank account at the same time.

If you’re serious about your home’s decor, you could even try selling your Christmas decorations. We all know that garden Santas and twinkly lights need a good home, so don’t throw yours out. Instead, give them a new life with a different family. The period after the holidays is when Christmas decor enthusiasts (you know, the ones who go all out) shop for discount deals for next year’s celebrations. If you tap into this market online, you could make a pretty penny from those decorations that you won’t use again.

Next, move on to your entertainment collection. If your family is stuck in the 90s and still purchasing CDs to give as gifts, you can both enjoy the music (assuming that it is a cool band or singer and not ‘Sounds of the Sea, Vol. IX’) and make money off of their technological impediment at the same time. In the age of digital music, we’re sure that you have a completely digital music library where you store all of your tunes. You can do the same for any digital-worthy music that you received during Christmas, and then make quick cash by selling the CDs. What’s even better is that your discs will be in new condition, so may be able to get more money from them.

When it comes to movies, you can do the same thing. Ripping DVDs is fast, easy and totally legal nowadays. You can begin your own digital movie library and sell DVDs online in the same way. And whilst you’re in the selling spirit, now is a good time to clear out your entertainment system and get rid of any CDs or DVDs that you’ll never watch again. And don’t forget those workout videos!

Whilst your music and movies can be sold in the same way that you plan to get rid of your other unwanted items, there is actually a more intuitive and lucrative way to sell them that doesn’t require web auctioneering or costly shipping. Online services like music Magpie will take your CDs or DVDs by the tens and give you cash. This particular service also organises a courier pickup or free postage so that sending your stuff costs no money and very little time. MusicMagpie is available in both the UK and Germany, so you can sell even if you’re overseas.

During the month when many people are paying off debts and struggling with the winter darkness, making some extra money can bring a much needed smile. This could be the perfect time to try and make extra money online. Go forth and sell!


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