Rent Out Desk Space To Save And Make Money

No one likes to downsize, or admit they’re not expanding at the rate they’d hoped when first moving into a new office. But as always in business, the smart company will will turn a setback into a step forward. Your office space is no exception, it just takes a little lateral thinking.

Empty space can make you money

If you’re starting to rattle around your office, while still having plenty of time to go on your lease, it is well worth considering subletting some of that space to the growing number of ‘deskers’ that are looking to rent quality office space in cheap serviced offices.

A desker is a freelancer, small businessman or entrepreneur who wants to work in an office but doesn’t want the hassle of leasing an office, or perhaps can’t find somewhere to suit the size of their business. To make desking work for you, all you need to do is offer what you probably already have in place – a desk to work at, the utilities you already have coming in as well as the use of the likes of meeting rooms and a postal address.

Legal matters

So what can go wrong for you and your business? There are two main things you should bare in mind before going ahead with renting out some desk space.

Can you sub-let? Your landlord may not be too thrilled with the idea of you subletting the property you are renting from them. You’ll need to check your contract and/or approach your landlord to discuss the idea. If you don’t, and they later find out, you could face legal issues.

Will security be an issue? By letting freelancers and SMEs into your offices, you can’t avoid the fact that your security measures may be compromised. You need to be able to let deskers come and go as their business dictates, so equally you’ll need to be comfortable in the knowledge that your hardware and files are at risk of compromise or even theft.

What are deskers looking for?

There has been a huge rise in the amount of people looking to rent desks in recent years, which has led to many companies creating purpose built office buildings commonly known as serviced offices. These tend to charge premium prices, but will offer a truly professional office space which can include executive office rooms, meeting areas, receptions and post services.

Shared office space tends to be a little cheaper, while offering a large number of the same facilities. You’ll be expected to offer all utilities (water, heating, broadband etc) and a desk, with anything else you can offer a bonus. The use of a meeting room and kitchen facilities will obviously make you office more appealing, as will a reception area and post sorting.

But in return you will get new vibrancy in your office, as well as some welcome extra income. Because deskers don’t just bring money – they bring new skills, new ideas, new opportunities – maybe even new friendships or business opportunities. If you have the space, it is definitely worth considering the option of renting out your spare desks.

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