Save Money On Bills This Winter

Energy Suppliers

Finding a way to save money on your energy bills is something that everybody wants to do every day around the year – but, in winter it is even more crucial. With your heating in overdrive, and warm food and drink being created every hour to save you from the snap outside, your bills are always going to increase.

There are many ways, however, that you can help yourself to save money on all sorts of things by keeping track on how your energy is used and why. The economic downturn doesn’t seem ready to even up, and this financial headache isn’t helped by the rising gas and electricity prices. Here we will look at ways to save money.

Switching supplier

While there are many things in the home that can be done to lower your bills, the first thing to consider is where you can find the cheapest gas and electricity prices for your needs. Changing the company you use, and the tariff you are on can save people upwards of £300 a year.

When you consider this, it is surprising that just 15 per cent of households actually looked into changing the supplier of their electricity and gas. Don’t fret when you get a price increase in the post, just refuse it and find out how you can leave while also finding the top energy supplier.


There will always be wasted energy around the home, but if you use good insulating techniques then it is possible to keep this at a minimum. By using weather stripping you can stop a lot of drafts that are often found across the home, while insulating the loft is believed to save around £40 a year in the average property.

Boiler MOT

Many people these days buy boiler insurance, but do they check that it is working properly all the time? Probably not and when you consider that it can save money you have to ask why. Getting a service means that you know how efficient your boiler is at all times, this means that you can stop any problems in their track and get some advice on how to use your boiler properly.

Similarly, an upgrade in your boiler is a great way to cut the annual spending in your home. Although most cost upwards of £2,000 they can save you as much as £300 each year for a highly-rated, energy-efficient piece of kit.

Little changes

While there are bigger things that can help, don’t forget the smaller parts that can all work together to help. We’ve been through insulation, and there are draught excluders to be used to help. But, don’t forget things like setting your thermostat a degree lower or switching all of your light bulbs to be energy saving bulbs.

Ultimately, there are always going to be ways for you to save money but it’s a case of keeping on top of things and calculating expenses. These are four the best ways to save money on your bills, but always consider that switching your provider tends to be the most cost-effective way of dealing with this matter.

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